house cleaning for auto accident victims

Get your cleaning expenses reimbursed during recovery.

We’ll invoice the insurance company
so you can rest easy.

Did you know The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)
offers homemaking benefits to those injured in an auto accident?

If you can’t perform household tasks due to injury,
this service can improve your quality of life during recovery.

Subject to qualification, ICBC reimburses homemaking expenses,
like cleaning services, to a maximum of $280 per week*.

ICBC will pay for your home cleaning services for a certain
period of time depending on your injury.


Direct billing to
make your life easier

Honour Top Cleaning Services keeps things simple
by billing ICBC on your behalf.

That means no insurance paperwork and less time waiting to be reimbursed.
This way you can focus on what’s most important – a full recovery.

For more information,
including qualification, call ICBC today.


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Who is The Insurance Corporation

of British Columbia?

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) offers various auto insurances in B.C. and
is committed to offering customers the best coverage at the lowest possible price.


Terms and conditions*

Homemaking benefits are available for the primary homemaker in a household.
Homemaking benefits do not extend to personal benefits such as nursing or attendant
care. To qualify, a physician or nurse practitioner must certify an individual’s inability to
conduct homemaking duties. This information must be provided to a claim representative.
After qualifying, Honour Top Cleaning Services will directly bill The Insurance Corporation of British
Columbia (ICBC) rather than billing the individual receiving the cleaning service.


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